Youngsters escaped death by inches and seconds after hitting three pillars

Four youngsters luckily escaped death by inches after their car sped into three pillars and a fence. The accident occurred last night on Munceşti street in the capital. The car exceeded speed, according to the witnesses. 

"They ran at 120 km/h. They did not control their car and just hit the pillars", said a witness. 

"The driver didn't run the car appropriately. I saw him and can say something was wrong at that time," said the owner of the house.

The owner of the household where the car entered claims damage from the driver after the accident. 

"We will try to repair the fence. If possible, we will ask for the guilty person to do so," said the owner of the house.

Witnesses also say that two of the passengers have fled from the scene of the accident.

"There was a girl and a boy, they ran away, they were intoxicated, they were all intoxicated," said a witness.

If it is established that the driver has been drunk, he will be fined and will remain without a driving permission for up to five years.

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