Young woman seriously hospitalized after got hit by taxi driver on crosswalk

A taxi driver was detained for 72 hours after he hit a young woman crossing the street. The accident took place on Cantemir Boulevard in the capital.

Following the impact, the 24-year-old woman has reached intensive care and is in serious condition.

The 42-year-old taxi driver admitted his blame. He said he did not notice the victim as he crossed the crosswalk due to weather conditions.

He was detained for 72 hours and is prosecuted.

The man risks 7 years of jail and get deprived of conducting transport up to 4 years. 

In the past 24 hours, there are 68 accidents registered resulting in 9 injured people, 3 driver left the scene of accidents. 

They are to be identified and sanctioned with deprivation of conducting transport for a period of 2 years to 3 years.

Of the total number of accidents registered with material damages, 35 drivers with fines ranging from 900 lei to 1,500 lei and 175 penal points were sanctioned.

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