Young woman from Capital arrested for running a brothel

A 27-year-old woman form the Capital is investigated for running a brothel.

According to the police, the suspected convinced four girls, aged between 19 and 24 years old, to offer sexual services for money in a rented apartment from Râșcani sector. Their role was to find potential clients through social networks, by posting ads.

As a result, the suspect was arrested red handed while receiving money from a client. Later, after searching the apartment where the 4 girls lived, as well as at the suspect's house, officers managed to find 121 000 lei, 220 euro and 100 USD.

Law enforcement also found 17 cell phones, a notebook and the IDs of the persons offering sexual services.

The woman was previously tried for similar crimes. She was arrested for 72 hours and risks to 7 years of imprisonment.

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