Young people plant flowers in potholes to grab authority attention

A group of young people planted flowers in the holes on the streets of Bălți city, hoping that representatives of local authorities will make action.

Socialists party activists decided to plant tulips on one of the main streets. 

Young people say that after snow is melted, the asphalt on the road appears to be broken. 

"In addition to waste issue, the problem of the roads is also urgent and receives less attention from the local authorities. The municipal budget spends every year millions of lei and we all pay taxes but the quality of road repairs remain unwanted". 

"We planted flowers to draw attention to this problem. We hope the responsible will look for solutions."

Drivers and pedestrians also welcomed the initiative of young people:

"We pay all necessary taxes. The city authorities must be ashamed of the low quality of the streets. Money is allocated but there is no actual repair". 

This year, for the repair and maintenance of roads in Balti, almost 18 million lei was allocated from the road fund.

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