Young people get mobilized on social media to feed guest-swans

A group of young people mobilized themselves on social media and went to feed a flock of swans wintering on Ghidighici, a lake nearby Chisinau.

The birds accepted the barley and sunflower seeds graciously and agreed to make selfies with the good-wishers.

The 21 swans landed in Moldova early in January and are taken care of by employees from Apele Moldovei, a state agency responsible for water basins.

"They break the ice to keep the hole on the lake. The colleagues from the Science Academy instructed us how to feed them, no bread is allowed," said Apele Moldovei chief Igor Hâncu. 

Other 300 swans found shelter on the Dniester river an are taken care of by the Environment Ministry. 

Hunting swans gets you fined 2,000 lei a piece ($100.)

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