Young people from Capital decided to enjoy themselves on a snowy weekend

Over 25 young people from the Capital took their sledges and decided to enjoy themselves on a snowy weekend.

One of the young man decided to go sledging with his bicycle. He claims that he's been cycling since he was 5-year-old.

"I enjoy keeping balance in places where it proves to be a challenge. I love to perform jumps and interesting tricks" a young man said.

Not even a dangerous road scared away the young people.

"It is very long with some sharp turns. For those who sledged before it is not very complicated, but if you are a first timer, it is best to be more cautious" a young man said.

Other used whatever they could get their hands on as a makeshift sledge, claiming it to be more interesting.

"We decided to use a film, because there are many of use and it is more fun. We love it" a young girl said.

"When there are more of us it is like a train, very fun" another lady said.

The entertainment lasted well after dusk.

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