Young man risks criminal file after being found sleeping in an apartment block high

A young man was arrested after consuming drugs. He was found sleeping, by police officers from the Infantry Battalion during check ups, in an apartment block from Ciocana Sector of the Capital. The man had near himself a handmade device used for drug consumption.

"After check ups, he was found in possession of a strong smelling red substance. Possibly drugs" Infantry Battalion officer Adrian Bufteac declared.

The young men confessed of having consumed drugs, but claims he is not an addict:

"I'm not an addict, I do not consume drugs often...that is all. I'm not a drug addict...I'm a good person".

Despite saying that he is only consuming drugs once in a while, he appears to know very well their prices.

"- I usually spend 150 lei. -What's the quantity? -I do not know about such things, as I do not do drugs often."

The suspect was made to pass a narcology test. If found guilty, the young man risks a criminal file.

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