Young entrepreneur sets up successful business with help from Business Association from Moldova

He tried his hand at agriculture and managed to set up a real business. Igor Golban is a young businessman, who had planted an orchard of walnuts and almonds that make good profit now.

The entrepreneur got a grant of 50,000 lei ($2,500) from the Business Association from Moldova, and bought the equipment to process the nuts. He uses no pesticides in his 21-ha orchard in Carahasani, Ștefan-Vodă district (southeast.)

"He’s one of the best rural entrepreneurs. We thought his business plan was interesting and he had a huge potential. We decided to offer him financial aid," said Olesea Munteanu, the executive manager of the Business Association.

The Business People Association from Moldova also stages training courses for young entrepreneurs, in the first years after they launch their startups.

In 2016, the Business People Association from Moldova offered 15 grants of 50,000 lei to rural entrepreneurs, as a similar contest is planned for 2017.

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