Young engineer from Capital offers 3D printed prosthesis for disabled people

A young engineer from the capital decided to help disabled persons from our country by offering plastic 3D printed prosthetics.

He begun working on this project and doctors claim that this is a good idea, as there are daily requests from citizens.

Therefore, the 3d printer creates wonders from plastic. Victor Bujoreanu begun making hand prosthetics and the first results shows that they are flexible and can easily perform daily tasks of the hands.

"Each detail is printed apart, afterward assembled together. It must be able to grasp a mug, a water bottle, lift a bag and indicate with fingers" engineer Victor Bujoreanu declared.

Victor wishes to complete the project by the end of the year and test it.

"We want to find an open-minded person who would like to collaborate with us and test our prosthetics."

Doctors from our country claim that there are no functional prosthetics made in our country, while those from abroad can cost up to 30 thousand euro. Therefore, printed ones will cost 30 times cheaper.

"The printed part, plus the functional part can cost to one thousand euro. We wish people to see technology as a friend" Bujoreanu said.

ER doctors claim that such prosthesis can become a second chance for patients who lack finances, especially for children, as disability affects them at most.

"It is a good idea, a greeted one, it must be accepted and implemented. We have a list, for those who lack prosthesis.  It is very needed" ER doctor Radu Bârcă announced.

According to statistics, each year, around a thousand people address to the center of prosthesis for help.

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