Young democrats teamed up to save environment on National Tree Day in Bălți

Dozens of young democrats from Bălți have decided to team up and protect the environment. Therefore, they have planted hundreds of trees for National Tree Day in the park near the lake from the City. Many of them have participated for the first time to such an event.

The young people have also urged other organizations to join this campaign.

"We decided to plant tree to make the city greener. We have to plant trees, for any we cut and make the air cleaner. Unfortunately, not many decided to join us. We came here today and believe it to be a necessary action. We hope to see more participants next year" President of PDM's youth organization from Bălți, Alexei Onoico declared.

The trees were offered by the Forestry Enterprise from Bălți that was the one to launch this campaign.

"We planted 6 000 locust trees, 4 000 Russian Olives, 9 000 Ash trees, among which also counts Birch trees and Black Cherry. We do this every year, after this the tree will be taken care of" Enterprise's director, Ion Rusu said,

At the event participated over 100 young people, directors of multiple firms from the City and over 50 woodmen.

Such actions were planned in multiple regions from the country, but canceled due to rains.

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