YELLOW WARNING of thunderstorms and blizzards

The forecasters have extended the Yellow warning of thunderstorms and blizzards for today too. The Warning is extended for the hours 13:00 – 21:00.

According to forecasters, in the second half of the day are forecasted short-time rains with thunderstorms, some places blizzards in gusts of 15-20 m/s.

In case of heavy storms, forecasters inform:


  • the quantities of water accumulated can lead to flooding of households placed in lower areas (base of slopes);
  • on some rivers and small water courses are possible local increases of water level, some places with water flooding out;
  • drainage network may get blocked;
  • may happen landslides, mudding and bending of crops, vegetables
  • appearance of the aquaplaning phenomenon may lead to losing control of the direction of the vehicle.

Is recommended:

  • to build water captation and conduction channels;
  • to clean drainage channels;
  • to avoid driving in easily-flooded areas;
  • to adapt the speed of the vehicle to the road conditions
  • for economic agents to ensure the good state of the dams, in which subordination are lakes and water basins.
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