We don’t get rid of rain showers that easy. State Hydrometeorological Service has emitted for today Yellow warning of strong storms with hail.

Thus, forecasters informs us about precipitation of up to 30 liters per square meter, and in some areas very strong showers and water quantities of up to 50 liters per square meter.

Also specialists forecast strong leakage with a risk of local flooding.

In the last days, in Chisinau was registered a record amount of precipitation of 60 liters per square meter.

Also, heavy showers were registered in Basarabeasca, Anenii Noi, Criuleni, Rezina, and Ialoveni districts.

The heavy downpours did a lot of damage both in Chisinau and in country districts.

More than 180 households were flooded, 180 hectares of crops were destroyed and many gardens, cellars, wells and roads were water-logged.

Apart of downpours, the strong wind was also responsible for damages created.

In Chisinau, a willow tree was ripped of the roots and hewed down. At least these are the images taken from a recording posted on a social network by a netizen. The incident took place yesterday evening, on Gradina Botanica street.

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