Yellow Warning for Snow. The state of national roads (Photo)

Meteorologists issued Yellow Warning for snow, while in the South for sleet and rain (15-20 l/m2, in some regions 20-25 l/m2)

Rescuers urge drivers to make sure that their cars are properly equipped for winter and to always have in their trunk a shovel and sand.


  • reduced visibility;
  • increased risk of car accidents;
  • disruption of local traffic;
  • possible isolation of some settlements;
  • damages in construction sites due to snow pilling up;
  • damages in telecommunication and electricity cables.


  • use appropriate speed when driving;
  • always use the car's headlights on all categories of roads;
  • avoid tiring activities, such as pushing a car or walking through snow, in order to avoid hypothermia and heart disease;
  • ensure that the car has snow chains, shovel, snow scraper, tow cable and spare fuel.
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