Worms found in children's meals in kindergarten from Capital

Scandal in a kindergarten from the Buiucani sector of the Capital. Many parents say that they saw that their children are fed with bad quality products. 

''I was interested of what our children will eat this morning for breakfast. They had buckwheat with milk, bugs and worms.''

''I saw the worms in the buckwheat. I took some worms to show to the governess.''

''All I know is that the worm was there, there are pictures that confirm that.''

Also, the parents say that it is not for the first time when they see altered products in this kindergarten.

The director of the kindergarten rejects all the accusations.

''There were some impurities, there weren't worms in the buckwheat. We appealed the Sector Direction, the General Direction, the Public Health Center and the Agency for the Food Safety as soon as we found the irregularities. The guilty persons will be punished'', said Mariana Sclifos, the interim of the kindergarten.

The representatives of the Education Direction of the Capital and the Youth and Sport Sector Direction came to investigate the case.

''We will punish the institution and make sure they will respect the sanitary rules for the future'', said Luminita Suveica, the chief of Public Health Center.

For these infringements, the institution can receive a fine of 200 lei and sanitary checking.

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