Worldwide Moldovan Business Association to support Moldovan wantrepreneurs living abroad

Moldovan people living abroad who are able to develop business will receive free consultation from specialists thanks to project Diaspora Business launched on Tuesday by Worldwide Moldovan Business Association (AOAMP). 

The project is aimed to organize seminars and events in states where Moldovan communities inhibit densely. The visitors should register online. 

According to Association President, this project was drawn up after discussion with Moldovan people living abroad who have encountered problems to set up a business. 

"The entrance is free. They need to introduce their business as well as their plans and problems. If they need the market, investors or partners, everything will be solved", said IACOB CERLAT, secretary of AOAMP. 

Accordingly, Moldovan people living abroad will receive information regarding necessary procedures to set up a business and potential financiers. 

The person who is conducting his business will be able to know how to promote or grow his business. 

"We have business people who have money and are willing to help people", said ALEXEI REPEDE, AOAMP President. 

Worldwide Moldovan Business Association (MBA) is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization set up in 2016, which aims to create and strengthen a transparent, prosperous and sustainable business environment for Moldovan entrepreneurs who performs economic activities worldwide.

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