World Tourism Organization secretary: Moldova's Europe's greatest enigma. We must make it known to entire world

Moldova is a special destination and may become attractive for tourists, if it invests in attractions in rural areas. The conclusion has been reached at the reunion of the European committee of the International Tourism Organization held in Chisinau.

In their turn, the Moldovan authorities have responded the sector is strategic for the country.

Committee chair Richard Kanmpf has remarked the country’s tourism potential: "Moldova is a tourism destination for adventurers both in summer and winter. It must put on the map: there are lots of interested tourists."

Economy deputy minister Vitalie Iurcu says the help of foreign partners is needed to develop the sector: "We try to create a friendly environment for investors and attract investments. We want to create good conditions for both Moldovan foreign tourists ".

Secretary General of the International Tourism Organization Taleb Riffai says holding the reunion in Chişinău is a first step to promote the Moldovan tourism attractions: "Moldova is Europe’s greatest enigma, when we speak tourism. All of us must work to make it known in the entire world."

"Our message is clear: Moldova is ready to receive tourists," said Stanislav Rusu, the director general of the Tourism Agency.

Over 300,000 tourists are accommodated by the Moldovan hotels in 2016, that’s 10% more year over year.

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