World media on IMF's praising economic progress Moldova makes

The IMF's okaying the disbursement of the second installment from its loan agreed last November with Moldova has been mirrored in several world media. 

"The IMF praised measures taken by the Moldovan authorities since then to stabilise the economy, which is forecast to grow 4.5 percent in 2017," the Daily Mail wrote.

While reports: "The IMF said in a statement late Monday that "growth has returned, and... authorities remain committed to sound economic management."

"Also, the authorities continue to work on eliminating accumulated debts in the energy sector and improving tariff-setting methodology to ensure transparency and cost-recovery. Looking forward, continued steadfast program implementation will be vital, the IMF stressed," writes SeeNews.

The International Monetary Fund has announced it had decided to disburse the second tranche of $21.5 to Moldova from a loan of $179 mn, agreed last November.

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