World Diabetes Day: Over 100 thousand Moldovans suffer of this malady

The number of Moldovans who suffer of diabetes is raising continuously. Only the last year 10 thousand people were diagnosed with this malady, while the total number of ill is 100 thousands. To prevent the illness, doctors recommend people to measure the glucose at least once a year.

The World Diabetes Day is marked on November 14, yearly. In Republic of Moldova there are almost 100 thousand persons who suffer of this malady, 10 thousand more than the previous year.

Tens of Chisinau citizens stayed in a row to measure the level of their glucose. In many hospitals from the Capital there were opened points of free consulting.

The action happened today, due to the World Diabetes Day. The doctors recommend citizens to make the test at least once a year.

From the yearly morning, the public workers and the citizens of the Capital could have verify the level of glucose in their blood. The leading of Chisinau didn't ignore this either.

''I urge all the citizens to make this test, to prevent the illnesses that might appear after a certain age'', said Silvia Radu, the interim of the Capital.

People are glad they can receive free consulting and recommendations of the doctors.

''It is a very good action, as people don't manage to go to the doctors every time. As for me, the glucose is a little bit higher than the norm. I should not eat sweets.''

''The glucose is above the norm. I don't drink alcohol and don't eat sweets. This is bad, but I will be on diet, to reduce the risks.''

The employees of a bread factory from the Capital also have been to the consulting. Even if they work in a dangerous sphere, they say they take care of their health.

''I eat vitamins and practice sport. This is all.''

''We try to drink the tea without sugar. People should go to the doctor in time.''

''We make pastries, biscuits, a vast range of bread which means our employees are under permanent risk. Our employees are always under doctors' attention'', said Boris Andros, the director of the bread factory.

The specialists say the main causes of the illnesses are unhealthy food, stress and sedentary way of life.

The students of the Medicine and Pharmacy College ''Raisa Pacalo'' from the Capital supported the ill people through a flash-mob.

''For the people with type I diabetes, three free tests per day, for the type two diabetes, 120 tests yearly. It is a very big program'', said Boris Golovin, the President of the AO ''ProDiab".

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