World Day to Combat HIV/AIDS. Free HIV tests offered in a parking lot from Capital

For World Day to Combat HIV / AIDS, 200 people will have the chance to take free HIV tests. The Capital will organize a test- drive, with the logo "Let's face AIDS together!".

The event will be held in the parking lot of a shop from the Capital, located on Dacia 61 boulevard. At the end, they will have a limited edition cars presentation, organized by automobile club from Republic of Moldova.  

Those who will decide to take the HIV test, will have the chance to take one of the cars for a ride.

In Republic of Moldova, around 7 800 people are infected with HIV / AIDS.

The average age of those ill are between 36 and 38 years old. Each year, in Republic of Moldova are being infected around 800 people.

In Moldova, the first AIDS case was registered in 1987.

According to United Nations, all over the world, there are close to 37 million infected people, while each day are registered around 7 thousand new cases.

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