World Bank will offer 22,43 million USD to Republic of Moldova for developing governmental services

The World's Bank will offer 22,43 million USD to Moldova, for the modernization of the governmental services. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the project of law according to the funding ratification between Republic of Moldova and EBRD, today.

The project will provide the modernization of governmental services and will to eliminate the over-time public services and merge more services to increase their quality. At the same time, this will facilitate the access to the public services through digital ways. The term will be reduced the number of the required documents and the period of supplying the public services. The implementation term of the project is June 3, 2023 and it will be realized through E-Government Center.

In this context, Pavel Filip said that the modernization of the public services provides a lower number of services.

"This is a very important project, from my point of view and we should implement it with care. Those money will help us to implement the Public Administration reform", said Pavel Filip.



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