World Bank offers a 70 million USD loan for the project to enhance Moldova's energetic system

Moldova will be able to build up a more reliable power system with bigger capacity. Because our country will be offered a 70-million-dollar loan for Power System Development Project that was approved on Thursday by the World Bank executive Director Council. 

The project will support the interconnection of Moldova's future power system with the European energy network through Romania. This project will become vital for the diversification of the state's energetic supplies, which will allow a better energy supplement at the best prices.

The project will finance the building of a new high-tension 400 kV airline between Vulcănești and Chișinău, modernization and extension of the Chisinau and Vulcanesti substations and consolidation of energy transmission system. 

"World Bank welcomes the starting of this extremely important project that will help Moldovan authorities to consolidate and diversify the state's energetic infrastructure and to guarantee a stable supply for Moldova", mentioned Anna Akhalkatsi, the chief of the World Bank for Moldova.

The project is carried out in the partnership of European Union, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Bank of Investments that finances the building of a successive conversion station at Vulcanesti.

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