World Bank offers $10 mn in grants to Moldovan farmers to develop businesses

The World Bank offers $10 million to Moldovan farmers willing to develop their businesses. The Agriculture Interventions and Payments Agency has started the second stage within the grant project "Competitive Agriculture in Moldova." The applications may be submitted till November.

The project offers two kinds of grants: for investment and post-harvest.  The money may be used for purchasing equipment.

"A group of beneficiaries may get up to $350,000. If they make an investment, they will get the grant in stages," said Agriculture Minister Eduard Grama.

The grant will be 50% from the whole investment, but not more than $350,000.

$7.5 million have already been allotted to 30 groups of farmers. The average grant was $258,000. The 2-year program will encompass two new sectors: collecting and processing honey and milk.

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