World Bank helps Moldovan Government launch website on contracts with companies

The Public Procurement Agency (PPA), in partnership with e-Government Center and the World Bank, has launched a website that houses data on almost 16,000 government contracts – and rising.

The Open Contracting Data Portal allows citizens access to data on all procurement activities – from tender to award stages – that have been registered with the PPA since 2012. As procurement activities are recorded in the government’s e-tender system, the data is simultaneously updated in the portal.

“Thanks to the new open contracting data portal, anyone can see what the government is buying, and who got the contract. This means real transparency and it’s a great way to fight corruption in Moldova,” said Alex Kremer, Country Managerfor the World Bank in Moldova.

Along with applications to analyze certain aspects of the data, the portal allows users to download data in open and re-usable formats. The available data is modeled after the Open Contracting Data Standard. This means that data downloaded from the portal can easily be linked to other datasets.

The portal joins a suite of open data applications that the Government of Moldova has developed ( The programming code for the analytical applications in the portal is open source and available for access to developers in an online repository managed by the eGovernment Center.

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