Wonder-making icon reaches St. Teodor Tiron monastery in Chisinau

Hundreds of people came to the Monastery of St. Teodor Tiron the Martyr in the capital to meet the Icon of the Virgin "Umilenie". The miraculous icon is double-sided and was brought from Bryansk region in Russia. Two decades ago, the holy image was only a calendar tab.

Parishioners have come to worship the miraculous icon in the hope that this will help:

"We pray for health. Our family, children health."

"We thank the Lord who helped us come to worship at this holy icon that brings us peace in our hearts".

The icon has an unusual history. 18 years ago, Natalia Muraşkina bought an expired  calendar with the image of the Virgin. The woman put it on the wall and started praying. One day the woman noticed the reverse image of the Virgin.

"It started to smell in the house and I didn't understand what exactly. The three drops I saw, smelled so nice, like I was in paradise" , said Natalia Muraşkina.

Believers say it treats cancer and female infertility. The icon will be in Ciuflea Monastery for two weeks.

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