Women from Moldova: working more, yet paid less

Despite working more hours, women from Moldova are being payed less than men. The main case for it being that women tend to spend two thirds of their time doing unpaid work, such as cooking or taking care of children. The data was provided by United Nations Development Program and UN Women's research.

Aliona Frecăuţan is the Mayor of Grinăuţi village, Râşcani district. Her working hours end at 5 pm, when she leaves the office, but at home she still has a lot of things to do, all the while her husband is still at work.

"First of all I'm a mother, a grandmother, but there are still many other things. I take care of the children, the house, the farm animals and the garden" Aliona Frecăuţan said.

The family also takes care of an apiary, their workload increasing during autumn.

"There are still a lot of things to be done. To prepare for the bee's hibernation and we try to keep everything clean" she added.

A similar situation was told by librarian Svetlana Plămădeală, who lives in the same village. She has to wake at 6 am to manage around the house.

"I first prepare everything for my elder child, as he has to go to University. I prepare breakfast, we eat, afterwards I clean around the house, feed the animals and leave for work at 8 am" she declared.

On her return the work around the house continues, her husband helping where he can.

Man have admitted that women are doing twice the work taking care of the house and family:

"Men are best fist outside the house, while women more within it!"

"Proper men will stop and help their wives around the house when needed."

"I think women are working more than us both at work and around the house."

According to experts, this situation is spread all over the world.

"There are still many countries that change this stereotype. In Scandinavian countries, for example, the obligations are more equally divided, while the paternity leave is closely similar to the women's" Victor Drăguţanu, UN programme coordinator, announced.

This research has also shown the employment rate for women are of 36%, while for men 43%. In order to ensure that more women have a workplace Ministry Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to implement changes, including offering a longer paternity leave.

"Bit by bit we plan to increase the number of new mothers working in Republic of Moldova, we will fight for equality at workplace and caregiving field" minister Stela Grigoraş declared.

According to this research, on a global scale, only 50% of women capable of working are employed, compared to the men's 76%.


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