Winter sales begun in Capital. Shopping Malls cut down prices

Sales are not missing from winter holidays. Multiple shopping malls from the Capital have begun offering discounts, while people are easily lured by small prices.

Vendors and cutting down prices for autumn clothes stocks. While some are enjoying the new prices, other believe it to be just for the show.

"When we speak of clothes, I believe the prices are already exaggerated. The gifts do have a bit discount I think. We are using this chance, because there is nothing else that can be done" a client said.

"Of course we are using the chance and not only during winter holidays. Truth to be told, I have noticed a better development in this area, the discounts are better. I hope that next years we will be able to buy things exclusively at home" another customer said.

"I usually purchase clothes from abroad, as prices in our country are exaggerated. I believe those prices to be what they should have set from the beginning. It is not convenient" another buyer said.

Shops administrators claim that best discounts are made for jewellery.

"Near winter holidays, people are enthusiastic to purchase gifts. People are making lines to acquire a gift for their beloved ones, even during sales we have profit" merchant, Zinaida Guțu declared.

Winters sales will last to the end of February.

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