Winter holidays continue in Nisporeni. Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation, Edelweiss opened a winter fair

Nisporeni residents will have many surprises at the beginning of the year. The winter holidays will last till the end of January for them. In the center of the town, the authorities make the last preparations for the fest, where there will be a rink, two slides and a carousel.

Also, in Nisporeni there were brought two little houses, where people will be able to buy hot drinks and snacks. Everything will be for free and the costs will be covered by Edelweiss foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc.

On January 14, there will be organized a winter fair that will be opened since January 31. In the same day, there will be a great concert where there will evolve many singers.

On the stage there will be artists from Romania, as 2 Sud Est and Antonia. The concert will start at 5 pm and in the evening there will be fireworks.


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