Winter causes difficult traffic in Moldova. Hundreds rescuers intervened to unblock cars

(UPDATE 10:42) Road traffic in the country:

North Area - all routes are accessible, smooth circulation;
Center area - the circulation of high-tonnage trucks is stopped in Ciobanovca and Calfa. 

Similarly, 4 high-tonnage trucks are blocked from Dacia Bd. till Drumul Băcioilor st. in Chisinau.  

South Area- 2 routes are blocked: Cantemir - Comrat, Sadâc - Cantemir, the traffic of heavy vehicles is restricted.

Access roads have been blocked to:

the localities of Căuşeni district: Florica, Marianca-de Sus, Fârlădeni, Chircăieşti, Tricolici.
the localities of Ştefan Vodă district: Marianca de Jos, Alava, Semionovca, Brezoaia, Feştelita, Volintiri, Copceac, Ştefăneşti, Purcari, Olăneşti, Crocmaz, Antoneşti, Carahasani, Căplani, Feştelita, Talmaz, Cioburciu, Viişoara, Lazo and Slobozia.

Difficult traffics are found on routes: 

R-30 km 20-48 (Căușeni)

R-26 (Hagimus Post)


(UPDATE 09:38) Nine thousand children in seven districts have not reached school today.

Exdrupo intervened with 64 specialized vehicles for cleaning streets and scattered anti-skidding material on streets and the access roads to the suburbs.

(UPDATE 09:20) In addition, starting at 4:00, the Housing and Commune Registry intervened with 45 machines and over 400 workers for the cleaning of the sidewalks, the access ways inside the courtyards of the blocks and the stations of public transport waiting.

In the morning, 302 trolleybuses and 98 buses exited the streets of the city.

If you find difficult coping with unfavorable weather, you can call the Municipal Central Dispatcher, tel. (022) 22-22-67, (022) 22-26-04.

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