Wine Day celebrated in Comrat. Igor Dodon attended the festival

Comrat celebrates Wine's Day today. The event takes place in the Central Assembly Square and it gathered dozens of people.

Besides the wine, the women prepared traditional food.

"This wine is very good, it has a lot of vitamins", said Mihail Orzia, wine maker.

The best wine makers have been awarded. 

"We made pies with cheese", said a woman.

In the afternoon, dozens of people gathered in the Assembly Square. Among the visitors there were people from Russia. 

"Our festivals are very beautiful. I like it very much. People like this fest", said a woman.

"I thin that the best wine is made in Gagauzia", said a man.

The fest was started by the speech of Irina Vlah, the Governor of Gagauzia. She urged the guests to have fun at the fest.

"Dear guests, take the best from this fest. The most hospitable and hard working people live in Gagauzia", said Irina Vlad, the Governor of Gagauzia.

Among the guests there was Igor Dodon, the President of the country. He received a present, a tradition coat.

The parliamentary delegation was leaded by the vice president of the Parliament, Vladimir Vitiuc.

"Here we have many wine makers. Each of them prepared a specific wine. From my point of view, the Gagauzian wine is special. These people inherited the recipe from their ancestors", said Vladimir Vitiuc, the vice-president of the Parliament. 

This is the 12th edition of this fest in Gagauzia.

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