Will Nastase-led party support Maia Sandu in 2020 presidential elections?

Andrei Nastase implies that he will not support Maia Sandu in 2020 presidential elections if she runs for the race. However, he hopes the right-wing parties will manage to put forward an apolitical common candidate to the elections. 

In a press conference, Andrei Nastase recalled that so far the PPDA has made many concessions in relation to the PAS, including in 2016, when the Platform Dignity and Truth withdrew its presidential candidate in favor of Maia Sandu.

- Will you support Maia Sandu in the presidential elections?

- We had a bloc ACUM thanks to the PPDA. I repeat, thanks to the PPDA who at that time made concessions. This is how we proceeded and this time, we have an appeal to all the reforming political forces in Moldova", said PPDA President Andrei Nastase.

Andrei Nastase also said that the PPDA had a back-up plan unless the right-wing parties had a common apolitical candidate for the presidential elections. 

"Otherwise, we will join the race with our own candidate", stressed Nastase. 

It's still unclear if PAS leader Maia Sandu will run for the presidential elections. In a press conference, Maia Sandu said the person who would dedicate himself to clean the country must join the presidential race. 

"We will make a duly right decision. I believe a person that will be likely to win, a person who is the most prospective candidate in this fight, who will dedicate himself to fulfill the citizens' wish - clean the corruption - must run for this position. It'll be a while until the elections. We need to see how the social situations will be", declared Maia Sandu. 



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