Will bloc ACUM withdraw the law on prosecutor appointment at PSRM's request?

The law on the prime minister's assumption of responsibility still keeps the main essential procedure for the appointment of general prosecutor: prime minister will only propose Prosecutor Superior Council candidates but the head of state will be the one who accepts or rejects the candidacy. President of PAS faction Igor Grosu has made the first statement after the meeting with President Igor Dodon. 

According to him, the PSRM discontent with the new law is nothing but a frustration. 

Moreover, the decision to amend the law was made to cleanse the system, PPDA faction President Alexandru Slusari confirmed. He also said the PSRM MPs were proposed to vote today the modification to the law on the Prosecutor's Office. 

The deputies of the bloc ACUM declined to say if they would withdraw the bill by 15:00 at the PSRM's request. They are ready for any scenario including the motion, the MPs concluded.  

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The government on Wednesday assumed responsibility for a draft law which provides for amendment of the rules for selecting candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. 

Under the proposed changes, the prime minister will be the one who will pre-select at least two candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. Subsequently, the list of candidates will be sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, who will submit to the head of state the nomination for the position of Prosecutor General.



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