Why women with big bums are healthier

Women who have more fat in their hips and thighs are at a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, a new study had found.

Published by the journal Cell Metabolism, the research shows that having a bit of extra fat in a woman’s lower half acts as a sponge and stops fat from travelling to the internal organs thus, acting as a protectant for the heart and lungs.

The pear-shaped body type is far superior in health terms than the apple-shaped figure, whereby fat is predominantly stored around the middle and can subsequently release potentially harmful chemicals into the bloodstream more easily.

The evidence applied to both men and women, however, scientists found that the protective properties of hip and thigh fat is more prominent in pre-menopausal women, who naturally store more fat in the lower halves of their bodies than men.
For black women, higher visceral fat is a determining factor for heart fat, whereas with white women, overall adiposity is the factor,” lead author Samar El Khoudary, PhD told MedPage Today.
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