Why was Andrei Nastase listed as enemy of press? Here is the politician's answer

Leader of PPDA, Andrei Nastase questioned the independence of Independent Press Association (IPA) led by Petru Macovei. The politician was asked why he had been listed as the enemy of press on panel installed in front of parliament. 

"Our press is as independent as the ones who pretend to be independent. I'm a friend of the press but there exists a kind of man who wants to show open mind in Moldova", said Nastase. 

DA leader Andrei Nastase appeared on panel of "Enemy of press" installed in front of Parliament headquarter on the World Press Freedom. 

Journalists who included Nastase in this list reasoned that this politician attacked journalists of Prime TV. 

"On February 12, at a press conference organized by ACUM representatives, Andrei Nastase suddenly grabbed microphone of Prime TV. Moreover, Prime chief editor Ana Butnariuc was accused by ACUM members of asking questions "with guts" and "destroying" the conference.


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