Why the National Bank of Moldova lifted special surveillance upon MAIB?

The Executive Committee of National Bank of Moldova (NBM) revoked Thursday measures prescribed during the special surveillance for BC MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK S.A. (MAIB) 

According to a press release of NBM, the decision was taken as the bank was stated to ensure transparency of shareholding structure. 

Moreover, exercise of mandate of Council of MAIB started on 21-3-2019 by decision of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the Bank's Shareholders dated 22-11-2018.

As written in the press release, assets, capital and profit of the bank were boosted during period 2016-2019. Furthermore, the rate of non-performing loans decreased and the bank carried out actions included in plans prescribed by the NBM.

In 2015, NBM established special supervision of three banks: MAIB, Victoriabank and Moldindcombank.


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