Why Socialist Party can't rely on bloc ACUM and its leaders?

Political bloc PAS-DA bummed out Moldovan President Igor Dodon, as he said, they were "acting like children in sandpit". This came after ACUM members insisted on minority government and rejected Socialists' conditions for governing coalition. 

"Generally I want to recommend that we start now Holy Week to visit the church and confess. After Easter we will see how to proceed further on", declared President Igor Dodon on a TV show. 

Moldovan President explained why Socialists didn't rely on ACUM bloc. 

"I remember when I was a deputy in Parliament, several motion of censure was submitted against Education Ministry headed by Maia Sandu who closed dozens of schools in Moldova. I'm assured that bloc ACUM gain no trust as politicians. And that's not even zero but -200 if we mark their trust", said President Igor Dodon. 

Right after the election on February 24, representatives of PAS and DA Parties were invited for talks to create governing coalition initiated by PDM and PSRM. 

Members of bloc ACUM invited deputies for so-called legislative initiative to deal with oligarchies in the state. This move was deemed as an attempt of corruption. 

Later, PAS, DA and PSRM had a meeting which ended up without agreement. Not only PSRM but also ACUM wanted positions in Parliament and Government. This bloc ACUM was headed before by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. 

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