Why road repairs in Capital halted

The repair of seven main streets in the Capital can not be completed because the asphalt is over. The economic agent might not deliver the high quality material demanded by Exdrupo.

At the intersection of the Constantin Stere and Vasile Lupu from Buiucani, the depths of the pits are about ten centimeters. 

"Where the repair is not complete, the traffic is found difficult". 

Same story is on Cuza-Vodă street in the Botanica sector. Parts of the road were partially blocked by gravel.

The City Hall contracted an economic agent to buy a type of asphalt. The first batch was delivered as required, but the second batch did not meet the standards.

"We asked for a kind of asphalt, he came with another type of asphalt. We hope very much on Monday that we could buy and execute the works on Tuesday," said Adrian Boldurescu, head of Exdrupo.

Head of Exdrupo also says that if the agent fails to meet his obligations until next week, the authorities will sue it.

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