Why do opposition parties refuse to vote for CEC adn CCA's code of conduct

The opposition parties and the NGOs that support them will refuse to sign the code of conduct made by CEC and CCA, because the document was proposed by the Democratic Party.

This opinion belongs to the guests of Fabrika talk show. Vitalie Gamurari, the spokesman of PDM said that such attempts existed before. The society should have an example of a political maturity and fine the ones who don't respect this code of conduct.

"The biggest problem of Moldova is that we never fight till the end. After 2016, we face a real progress. I am sure that the Europeans also notice this progress", said Vitalie Gamurari, the spokesman of PDM.

Corneliu Mihalache, democratic deputy mentioned that the governance also speaks with the NGOs about their projects, such as they did with the Audiovisual Code and the election system.

"This code of conduct will be called PD's code. It will be a free, democratic, independent code of conduct", said Corneliu Mihalache, PDM deputy.

According to the procedures, the parties that will sign the code of conduct will be monitored by CEC and CCA.

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