Why did Interpol reject request for search warrant in the name of Vladimir Plahotniuc?

Interpol rejected the request for search warrant in the name of Vladimir Plahotniuc, announced former Parliament President Andrian Candu in a talk-show on TV8. 

According to him, the file submitted was politically motivated which resulted in the rejection. 

"Everything will be clarified meanwhile. If someone was at fault, either Andrian Candu or Vlad Plahotniuc, the former Democratic Party President, or Pavel Filip, or if anyone in our team committed a crime, this person would be held accountable. No one should be above the law, "said Candu.

He also stressed, however, the presumption of innocence must be respected.

"If someone accused me of something, not the political accusations, not the show with Slusari and Golovatiuc who are political exponents. But when someone with a correct investigation comes and says "Look, Candu, you made this wrong, it was unlawful", then, my lawyer will debunk it. According to the Constitution, everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Let's abide by the law", pointed Andrian Candu. 





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