Why did Dorin Chirtoacă demand dismissal of Zinaida Greceanîi?

Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanîi must be dismissed because she and her husband would be involved in the bank theft, said Liberal President Dorin Chirtoacă at a press conference. The politician also said that PSRM-ACUM alliance would be considered accomplice to theft to keep them out of punishment. 

During the press conference, Dorin Chirtoacă presented evidence that he has gathered for four years. Accordingly, in 2003, Zinaida Greceanîi signed a Government decree stipulating the removal of hundreds of state assets from privatization. There was the "Cojusna-Vin" factory, which was privatized in 2005 by Zinaida Greceanîi's husband.

"Alexei Greceanîi and the board of directors addressed his wife, Zinaida Greceanîi, who was the prime minister of the Republic of Moldova, and requested not to return money to the state and missed credits taken in 2007. Credits of about 2M Euros", said Dorin Chirtoacă.

According to the same documents presented by Chirtoacă, Alexei Greceanîi created an offshore firm in Cyprus in 2010 with its founder being a Cypriot citizen. This person eventually signed a fiduciary property contract with Zinaida Greceanîi's husband and gave him all the powers for the Cojusna-Vin.

Moreover, as Chirtoacă said, on April 7, 2011, the Greceanîi family officially became the owner of Cojusna-Vin. Later, along with a business partner, they took from BEM a credit of almost 40 millions lei. This was added with another 2 million euros taken previously. Totally, the Greceanîi family borrowed from BEM five million euros which they failed to return, said Chirtoacă. 

Asked by phone, PSRM spokeswoman Irina Astahova told us that Dorin Chirtoaca's statements were insinuations and that the Liberal President wanted to draw public attention. 


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