Who won the Best Performance Award at International Puppet Festival from Chisinau

The International Puppet Festival was organized in Chisinau. It took eight days.

The best performance award was taken by Merlin Theater from Romania.

Totally, 22 theaters from eight countries, among which, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria participated.

"We made a lot of friends over here. We had the opportunity to enjoy spectacles."

"It is very pleasant to see different theaters here. Everybody has their own ideas."

The organizers say that during the whole week, over 10 thousand visitors came at the theater.

"The children had the opportunity to enjoy new cultures and spectacles from other countries", said Gabriela Lungu, the director of Guguta Puppet theater.

In the last day of the spectacle, the theater's hall was full:

"Most of all, I liked the small witch spectacle."

"I liked the spectacles because these were funny and enjoyable."

The next edition of the festival will take place in 2022, at the 30th anniversary of Guguta theater.

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