Who is the first applicant for state program First House 4?

An employee of a private company in Chisinau has been the first beneficiary of First House 4. 

"On June , the person from Advisory SRL received 10% (or 15% if he resides outside Chisinau) of his salary - a support for loan repayment for purchasing apartment in this program", said Finance Minister Ion Chicu. 

Moreover, Ion Chicu said that he also signed other five applications for First House 3, regarding new birth in families. 

"They benefit from this state program. Three families had their third child while the other had second child", said the minister. 

According to the document, the state will offer the applicants subsidy of up to 50% of credit to purchase apartments. The cost should be lower than 600,000 lei and subsidy value will be calculated depending on apartment cost and applicant's salary. The credit will be offered for 25 years. 

Allocation provided by the state budget for 2019 is 20 million lei. The applicants must be Moldovan people aged up to 45. 



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