Who are the new deputies of the Parliament

Three political parties, one bloc and three independent candidates passed in the Parliament after the February 24 elections. The new legislative has members who are at their first mandate.

PSRM has 35 representatives, DPM 30, PAS-PPDA 26, SOR party has 7 representatives and three of the deputies are independent.

75 of the deputies are men, while the rest 26 are women. Eight of them are DPM candidates, ACUM also has eight women, the socialists have seven women and SOR party three.

Each third candidate is a lawyer, 25% are economists. Among the deputies there are teachers, doctors, engineers, historians, agriculturists and managers. Among the deputies there is also an architect, a diplomat, a military and an artist. 14 of the deputies have doctor title.

57 of the deputies are at their first mandate, while the rest 44 have also been deputies previously.

Dumitru Diacov democrat is a deputy for the seventh time. He has three mandates less than Vladimir Turcan socialist.

Eduard Smirnov has the title of the oldest deputy aged 80 (PSRM), while the youngest is Dinu Plangau aged 25 (ACUM).

50 out of 101 deputies were chosen on party list and 51 on constituencies.

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