Which country is the largest importer of Moldovan wine?

According to the National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV), Romania is the largest importer of Moldovan wine in term of value. 

The list includes countries such as:

Romania with 161 million lei
China with 154 million lei
The Russian Federation with 110 million lei
Czech Republic with 100 million lei
Ukraine with 48 million lei
Kazakhstan with 56 million lei
Canada with 36 million lei
Belarus with 31 million lei
US with 20 million lei

The value of exported wine increased by 47.1% in China, by 23.6% in Romania, by 22.4% in Belarus, by 12.6% in Ukraine and by 11.5% in the Russian Federation.

Besides, Russia ranks first in term of size in importing Moldovan wine. 

The Russian Federation - 4 million liters
Poland, Romania, Czech Republic - 3.8 million liters
China - 3.7 million liters
Ukraine - 1.7 million liters
Canada, Kazakhstan and Belarus - 1.1 million liters
US - 575,000 liters.

These 10 states represent 62% of the total export of bottled wines. The quantity of wines exported increased by 34.4% in China, by 13.9% in Belarus, by 13.4% in Ukraine, by 4.3% in the Russian Federation and by 1.5% in Romania.

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