Which are factors that influence on increased telecom and ICT service export?

Telecommunication and IT service export has increased 26%, the highest in the last five years. Moldova IT park, one of initiative of PM Pavel Filip, plays an important role in this result, according to an analysis published on PoştadeŞtiri. As it said in analysis, the IT park has born fruits since its operation in January 2018. 

The Resident of the Information Technology Park will be charged a single tax of 7% of sales revenue, which includes the following taxes and duties:

• Income tax on entrepreneurial activity
• Income tax on salary
• Compulsory state social insurance contributions from the employees and employers
• Compulsory health insurance premiums from the employees and employers
• Local taxes
• Real estate tax
• Road tax for the use of motor vehicles registered in the Republic of Moldova

Resident status can be acquired by any individual or company performing activities under the Law on Information Technology Parks, including:

• custom software development activities;
• computer game editing activities;
• editing of other software products;
• management (management and operation) of computing means ;
• data processing, web page administration and related activities; web portal activities 
• IT consultancy activities.

Significantly, residents don't need to live in a specific location as it is required industrial park. 

There are around 400 companies obtaining the park residents. 



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