Where is Renato Usatîi? His photo is till on wanted-person panel

Picture of Our Party leader Renato Usatîi is still on the wanted-person panel where he was mentioned to be suspected of attempted murder.

"How can I be searched when I have been in the Republic of Moldova for several months now? I think this is another problem, "said Renato Usatîi.

The press officer of the Inspectorate General of Police, Mariana Beţivu, told us it was a mistake and the picture had to be removed long ago. It was finally removed after we notified the representatives of the General Police Inspectorate.

The leader of the party Our party left the country in October 2016 before two arrest warrants were issued on his behalf. He is accused of trying to assassinate Russian banker Gherman Gorbunţov and of illegally introducing money from Russia.

The politician returned to the country in July and was arrested right at the customs. However, he was released that evening.

Currently, Usatîii is the advisor to the mayor of Balti, Nicolai Grigorişcin.



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