What will be utopia for Moldova: EU member, Romanian reunification or federalization?

Will the Republic Moldova become an European Union member of eventually unite with Romania? According to former Prime Minister Maia Sandu, the first option is the most realistic. 

Maia Sandu made this statement in a dialogue with journalist Dorin Galben. 

Maia Sandu: The federalization (special status for Transnistria region) categorically will be impossible. In my opinion, the most realistic is the integration with the EU and to remain the close relationship with Romania. 

Journalist: There are two ways: the Romanian-Moldovan reunification and the integration... 

Maia Sandu: It seems to me the EU integration is the most realistic one. It's easier to get the Moldovan citizens'support for the objective of integration than the reunification with Romania. 

Journalist: Does the Republic of Moldova as an independent and prosperous state seem a utopia to you?

Maia Sandu: I don't think it will happen. We can improve the indicators of prosperity and good governance in the process of European integration. It will be difficult for us without the EU investment which helps us to improve the Moldovan living standards. 


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