What Vladimir Cebotari replied to journalist's question if she could get on PDM campaign's bus

In the PDM press briefing, the vice-president of the Democratic Party Vladimir Cebotari was asked by a journalist whether the representatives of the press could attend the delegation organized by the party. 

Journalist: We want to join the Delegation of the Democratic Party and get on your bus, is it alright?

Vladimir Cebotari: It's open to everyone but we have a condition: you have to dress the PDM vest, then join us. 

Journalist: But we are the press.

Vladimir Cebotari: We dress up like that because we carry out a campaign and you're welcome, but we can expect you as guests in the places we will visit. 

Journalist: So I can't join you without wearing vest.

Vladimir Cebotari: We can't let you get on our bus without vest. But you're welcome at places we will go without vest. In order to clarify your situation, to exclude any speculation, places in bus are limited and only for colleagues who want join campaign. I made this reference due to that reason. 


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