What to Moldovans wish for 2019: Cars, money and health

Car, money, journeys and health. This is what the Moldovan wished to have in the new year. Some of them only want to have a child. People are sure that their desires will be fulfilled in the new year.

This is what the Moldovans say they wish for the new year:

"I want to be promoted at work."

"I want to successfully pass all my exams and buy a car."

"I want a baby."

"I want a bicycle."

Other people think that they should keep their plans as a secret.

"It is real to fulfill what I want, I just need to work."

Some only wish to be healthy.

"This is my year. I will see what will it bring."

The psychologists urge us to make targets.

"I don't have many targets, but I will fulfill the ones that I have. My year is to be careful of what we really want and make even more wishes."

The specialists say that if the list is too big and we don't manage to fulfill some of these by the end of the year, then we become disappointed.

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