What projects Moldovan MPs draw up for 2020 spring parliamentary session?

Some of the MPs are underway to draw up their legislative initiatives although the new parliamentary session is to start in over a month. 

The opposition MPs said they had many initiatives, some of which are the same with projects the former government failed to implement. 

"Decentralization, support of local producers, support of small and medium business, some social projects for farmers, to subsidize farmers, we will continue the line of decentralization, so that mayors are as autonomous as possible," said PPDA deputy, Alexandru Slusari.

The Shor MPs pledge to promote social projects. 

"We will continue to promote social and domestic agricultural initiatives", announced Shor MP Marina Tauber.

While the Socialist MPs said they had in their hands various projects in different fields. 

"I have several proposals for the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Contravention Code, the Civil Code, the Audiovisual Code - practically half of the code is to be amended," said PSRM MP Adrian Lebedinschi.

The Democrats would propose improving the initiatives that were started earlier when they were in government.

"Our projects are to boost the Moldovan economy, to encourage Moldovans abroad to return home. In order to realize these goals, we will create good conditions and optimism in society, facilitate business and solve the people's problems in the economic environment", stressed PDM MP Vladimir Cebotari.

The spring parliamentary session will begin in February.


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