What is Socialist's stance on ruling coalition with Democratic Party?

Moldovan President also spoke on governing coalition made by Democratic Party (PDM) and Socialist Party (PSRM). 

"If PDM announce to accept PSRM's conditions tomorrow, PSRM will convene a Council to made decision. As far as I know, PDM are underway in preparing snap elections. I think none of PDM's members is interested in this discussion", replied President Dodon on TV show Moldova în direct.

Previously, an effort to set off discussion between PSRM and ACUM bloc regarding coalition just fell apart. The deputies from three factions who took part in consultation initiated by Socialists in Parliament repeated the same messages and proposals. They opposed each other and lost patience to listen to anyone else. The talk ended up without any agreement. 

Since parliament elections on February 24, PSRM had insisted on creating a governing coalition.

Both PDM and PSRM invited representatives of PAS and DA Parties upon this topic. 

Rejecting those invitations, members of bloc ACUM invited deputies for so-called legislative initiative to deal with oligarchies in the state. This move was deemed as an attempt of corruption. 

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